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Nov 12, 2017

The Lake Photo Shoot Trailer

This is a trailer from photo shoot with the photographer Bruno Wendel. The Original Photos and the Full Movie will be available to my Patrons this week here: It will be part of a big project of Bruno, where he will take pictures of guys from all the Zodiac Signs. My session is Gemini, of course that' s my sign. I` m born in May,22. So, you know, I have a dual personality. This is the first part of the session by Bruno and it will be named "Man of Gemini". The second part have a video like this, so wait for December news, the bright side is hot, but the dark session with another side of Gemini will be more. Follow me on Instagram: @DanSanches2017 Snapchat and Twitter: @DanielShowsOff

May 19, 2017

Follow Me Vol.2 - Video

Follow Me Vol.2 is part of the movie 'Snap's Guy'
You can watch the full version of both movies: or send an email to

May 13, 2017

Aquele Cara dos Snaps/ Snaps Guy! - Teaser

This is my movie exhibited on PopPorn Festival in São Paulo and Berlin. That's a compilation of my solo moments in home, naked at streets, doing my webcam shows on Cam4 and other crazy moments. Enjoy and comment, I love it!

Watch the full movie:
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May 7, 2017

Naked On The Road

A crazy film when I decided to be naked eveywhere.
On the road have a full version here:
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May 6, 2017

Naked At Footbridge


This is an experiment of public exhibitionism.
One of the first movies that I had balls to do.
Enjoy the full movie here: