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Nov 27, 2017

Madonna Erotica Sex Party - Photos

Think a Party playing Madonna all night!
That`s was like was the Madonna Erotica Sex Party last October,20.
A celebration of 25 years of the álbum Erotica and the host was Me, yeah!
Photos by Thiago Arrais

I have more pics, down to the link!

Nov 2, 2017

Open Biitch Party Erotic Performance - 10/11

If you are in São Paulo you have to see me live in a Erotic Performance.
You can touch it, you can feel it!
Come to me!
Se você está em São Paulo, você precisa vir pra essa festa e participar da minha performance erótica.
Acontece na próxima sexta-feira 10/11
Largo do Arouche, 32 
Republica - São Paulo

Apr 21, 2017

The Couch


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Apr 15, 2017

Abricó Nudist Beach - The Video

I made this video last year on my trip to Rio de Janeiro!

This film is an erotic and self registration of my way to exhib my body.
The perfect place and the perfect moment.
I love to show my naked body everywhere!
You can watch this full and exclusive video if you become my Patron: