Oct 28, 2017

Last Exclusive Posts on Patreon!

Ph. Bruno Wendel

If you are my Patron you know what I`m working on this moment.
My account on Patreon is a way to make founds to my videos and photo shoots. I do not have any profit with the collaboration of my Patrons, this is just to make this content with quality and to have tools like a good camera, good locations, clothes, accessories and all the stuff for record, edit and upload my movies, to get more photos with good photographers and keep with my work with no stop.
My only wish is inspire you to live like you wanna live, don't matter what other people think.
If this inspire you, if you want to be free to live and pratice your fantasies, keep following me.
If you want to be a Patron and help me with this work visit my blog:
Thank U
Let`s keep together Team Exhib

last posts there:
- Park - new movie
- Leather - photo session
- One Touch - new movie
- Sex Tape - new movie
- Re-visited - old movies

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