My name is Daniel, and I want to tell you a story.
This story is personal, is intimate and wish you kept this secret.
It will be something interesting, unhealthy and even dangerous.

If you do not have an open mind, better stop here.

At the end of every story will make you an offer.
What I would propose you will not get only the lines of the text. I will propose you a challenge.
If you join me in this madness we enter another dimension and be part of something out of common sense.

Forget the modesty, forget the sex, forget your standards and set aside the beliefs.
Come to this story with me and I'll lead you to the gateway of this new world.

I am crazy, lonely, erotic and sensitive.
I'm a walking lie.
I am many and every moment I can be someone you can trust.
I'll adapt to what you need like a rubber band, a rubber that fits all the time.
I ask myself why do it every day, the answer is one: I can not stop.

And you? Already committed something crazy today?

Follow me, like me, watch me.
With love,

Crazy Nights Serie

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I have to tell you something!

Sometimes I think I don’t know myself very well. 
Every day I have a surprise with a new feel and with a new thought. 
I feel I am constantly changing. Feelings of a day seem to vanish during my dreams and new possibilities open up at dawn. But everything around me stays the same.
I have doubts if I feel like that alone or if everyone lives in this eternal boiling.

I'm just one but I can be various. Each character have a secret. Even here, where everyone sees me naked, there is not even close intimacy. 
Do you think to see my exposed body means that you know me? No, you know nothing about me. Here there is nothing but an image, nothing but an ego that needs to be massaged to compensate all voids and gaps that do not fulfill in my life.

My pleasure is totally visual, do not say bad sexual pleasure. 
My work, my relationships, my attitude and even my food. Everything has to be visually correct and asymmetrical. Maybe it's a disorder, perhaps a simple mania, like to see bad things in the right places, I like to see beautiful things and clean surroundings.

I’m restrained, but when I'm bad I'm burst.
I'm patient, but inside I'm actually already elsewhere.
I am erotic, but I keep me without sex for months.

I am myself, but sometimes I want to be others.